Winter Pet Photography Session at Harbor Beach in Santa Cruz, CA 

Professional photos of your beloved dog are the perfect gift, don’t you think? That’s what Leah’s amazing parents thought when they purchased a gift certificate for her birthday last year. They knew this hardworking school teacher would treasure these images with her best friend, a 6-year-old red golden retriever named Boomer. 

Leah’s mom, Claire, reached out to me last fall to ask a couple of questions and purchase the gift certificate for her daughter’s birthday. Due to scheduling around Leah’s school year, we ended up having her pet photography session on January 2, 2023. Leah and Claire knew right away that they wanted this winter pet photography session to take place on the beautiful Harbor Beach in Santa Cruz, CA. 

Winter Beach Session in Harbor Beach in Santa Cruz

Luckily, we live in an area where the beach is beautiful all year long. The clouds created an epic backdrop for this session, and little did we know that a major storm was about to hit. Well, we knew there was bad weather coming, but we didn’t know how crazy this storm would be. 

The storm pounded the beach for two days and almost engulfed the famous Walton Lighthouse! 

On the day of our session, we took this beautiful portrait of Boomer with the lighthouse in the background. 

See this amazing image that was taken just two days later by local photographer Patrick Jagger Photography that captures the power of the storm!

Anyway, back to the session! 

We met at the Crow’s Nest Restaurant across the street from the beach. Since we were by the marina, we definitely wanted a photo of Boomer by the iconic dolphin statue that’s right there. After that, we went to the beach for the rest of our session!

Pet Photography Session 

Before the session, I reached out to Leah to learn more about Boomer. She shared more about his personality and likes and dislikes with me. I learned that he loves playing with his ball, so we had to get some shots with him playing his favorite game. 

Boomer is well-trained, so he did not need to be on a leash! (If your dog needs a leash, it’s no problem at all and easily PhotoShopped out.) It was so fun to just hangout with Boomer, Leah, and Claire during the day. 

Claire was there to help and enjoy the session experience. Of course, I had to snap a photo of Leah and her mom. 

We just had a ball for the rest of the session! Boomer and Leah did their thing while I documented as many different shots as I could. They were super fun to spend time with and take photos of. They had a beautiful bond that was easy to capture. 

Boomer’s reddish color was actually so complimentary to the colors of the beach. He looked like he belonged there with his best friend in the world, Leah. 

After about an hour and a half, we wrapped the session. I could hardly wait to get home and look at all the photos from the day.

Part of my process is to lightly edit the backgrounds of the images so that the focus is all on you and your beautiful pet. Here, I lightly edited the beach for a cleaner look. Sometimes, I’ll edit out people in the background, too, but today, we had the beach to ourselves. 

Displaying Pet Photography Images 

My clients are sent a digital gallery of their images to look at before we schedule a Zoom call to review the photos and order custom products. These digital images deserve a place in your home, and I’m always more than happy to help with printing this artwork. Leah opted to print a 16” x 24” framed canvas print and smaller mounted prints along with some digital files. The prints on her wall will remind her of this beautiful day with Boomer. 

Angie Rose Pet Photography 

Spending the day with Leah, Boomer, and Claire was truly a gift. The fact that Claire wanted to give her daughter this pet photography session and artwork to treasure forever is so sweet and special. It’s a gift Leah will treasure for a lifetime. 

If you have any questions for me about a pet photography session or to purchase a gift certificate, plase send me a message here.