Why print your pet portraits

Why You Should Print Your Pet Portraits

How many photos do you have of your dog on your phone? Hundreds? Thousands? I love that we can take out our phones and snap a few quick pictures of our pets. Really, I do! There is beauty in being able to take as many photos as we want. As a California lifestyle pet photographer, I want to make sure that your most cherished pet photos are printed and displayed in your home. 

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Pet Portraits Will Bring You Joy Every Day

I truly want your pet portraits to bring you joy long after our wonderful session experience is over. I know the digital images will be treasured and loved, but taking the time to print and display your photos where you can see them every day will make you feel joy and bring back happy memories. 

Technology Fails

We like to think that our phones and computers will be with us forever and easy to pass along, but that might not be the case. Passwords, flash drives, and Cloud accounts can get lost or forgotten. We can’t rely on accessing some of these things because of the ever-changing technology. I have to use an adapter with my Mac to use a flash drive! Printing your portrait artwork in an album or wall art is the only sure way to hold onto your images!

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The Best Home Decor 

Family portrait artwork makes the best home decor, doesn’t it? Whenever someone walks into your home, they’ll be drawn to your amazing family – pets included! Custom portrait artwork isn’t something you can just pick up at Target. These will be beloved pieces for years to follow. 

Hold Your Pet’s Memories Close 

We wish we could keep our pets forever, but sadly, we can’t. If you print your pet portraits, you’ll have a tangible way to keep them close to you. Creating custom heirloom pet portrait albums is an honor for me to do for clients because I know I’m handing them something they can cherish long after their pet is gone. 

Why print your pet portraits

Lifestyle Pet Photography 

I want you to love your images furever! Sometimes the difference between the place we live and a place that feels like home is how we fill it.  For it’s in the details and the little personalizations that we find comfort…nods to our story and reminders of whom and what we love the most.

If you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of figuring out how to get your images from the computer to the walls, I’m happy to help. Part of my lifestyle pet photography process is helping you decide how to display your images with no pressure involved! If you have any questions or want to schedule a call, please send me a message here.