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[Quiz] Why Hire a Pet Photographer | Bay Area

So why hire a pet photographer? I am glad you asked!

Pet photography is actually a “thing” these days and I am sure we would all agree our sweet, beloved furry family members are just not with us long enough. 

And they deserve amazing photography that stops time to creatively capture their story. And then those stories transform into beautifully displayed wall art, heirloom albums, or premium products. Portrait artwork that you can smile at every day for years to come (not hidden from the daylight on our phones and computers).

Why Hire a Pet Photographer? | Angie Rose Photography

Why Hire a Pet Photographer Quiz 

Ready for some fun? Let’s take a short quiz! Answer yes or no to the following nine questions. Keep track of how many yesses and nos you get. We’ll give you your results at the end of the quiz. Let’s go!

  1. I would love to have photos of my furry best friend at a really cool location, but I can’t handle a leash and my camera phone at the same time. (Yes or No)
  1. I don’t feel like lying on the ground to get the best angle of my bestie. (Yes or No)
  1. I want to be in some photos with my precious pup. It would be amaing to have a portrait capturing just us doing our everyday fun stuff (Yes or No)
  1.  I wish our pet(s) could be in our family photos, but it always ends up so chaotic. (Yes or No)
  1. I am a new puppy parent and want some memorable photos while my furry baby is still in the puppy stage. Oh, it would be so fun at a favorite location near me, but my sweetness of a puppy is not trained and has to be on a leash at all times. (Yes or No)
Why Hire a Pet Photographer? | Angie Rose Photography
  1. It would be so cool to have some fun action photos of my amazing pup playing, running, or jumping with the frisbee…and just doing her thing.  I don’t know how to photograph that. (Yes or No)
  1. I would love some photos of my pup on location, but Fido will not sit still (he never met a squirrel he didn’t like) and needs to be on a leash to be safe. (Yes or No)
  1. My best buddy is getting older and he has been with the family since he was 8 weeks old. I wish I would have had some special photos taken a long time ago, I really need a photographer that is patient and understands animals. (Yes or No)
  1. I would love some amazing photos of our perfect pooch but I am so busy, I just can’t take the time to plan anything, let alone, a photo session.  I need a photographer that is full service that can help me from start to finish and can handle pets. (Yes or No)
  1. I am so jealous because I was just at my friend’s house and she has an amazing portrait on the wall of Sparkie, her gorgeous Black Lab…I want something like that! (Yes or No)
Why Hire a Pet Photographer? | Angie Rose Photography

Okay, let’s see your results… Did you answer YES to one or more of any of the above questions?! You, my friend, are in serious need of a pet photographer! So, the next question is, what should you look for in a pet photographer? Luckily, you can hop on over to my next blog with 10 things to look for in a pet photographer right here. 

Why Hire a Pet Photographer? | Angie Rose Photography

Angie Rose Pet Photography 

Writing this quiz was easy for me because I could answer YES to every single one. Our pets are beloved members of our family and deserve to be photographed as part of the family. Don’t you agree? If you’re thinking about a pet photographer, let’s chat! I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.