A heartwarming scene captured in Redwood City, California, featuring Two English Cream Retriever and their loving family, beautifully documented by AngieRose.com

What to Wear for Your Pet Photography Session 

An Angie Rose Photography pet photo session is very relaxed, easy, and a true reflection of you, your family, and your furry family members. So, why would you need to think about what to wear? Does it really matter? I think it’s worth a little time to prepare what you (and your family) will wear since you are putting in some effort to do a special session that you want to look back on with fond memories (and not cringe at what you were wearing).

In case you don’t get to the end of this blog, remember that neutral (light greys and beige) colors and jeans are always a safe bet!

Choosing What to Wear for Your Pet’s Photo Session

This blog is more about useful tips to consider when you are going to be in the photos with your pet (and not a full clothing consultation) to help everything look relaxed, easy, and true to your personality.

There are two things I want to mention. 

1) If you just want to wear what you end up putting on the day of the session, that is 100% perfect…easy peasy. You don’t need to read on. 

2) If you are going to read through the tips, make sure to pick what you are going to wear first (especially you, mom!) and then check in on what everyone else will wear. 

3 Tips on What to Wear for Your Pet Photography Session 

Here are my top three tips to help you decide what to wear for your session. These are meant as a guide and not hard and fast rules. Please always choose something that makes you happy!

1. The color of your pet’s fur will help direct what colors to wear. 

For example, you don’t want to wear all (or a lot) of white if your cat is white, and you wouldn’t want to wear a lot of black if your dog is black. You are looking for a bit of contrast so your pup or kitty stands out a bit, and don’t get lost in the color of your clothes.

Look how effortlessly cohesive this family looks. These photos were taken in front of their home and in their backyard. And the dogs really stand out.

And this lighter color puppy really stands out against the black.

I love the photo below, but it is an example of how the dog’s color pattern can get lost in the color of the clothing. In this photo, I should have directed the dog to have its head more in front of the dad’s green sweater. That would have helped this handsome Great Dane stand out a bit more.

2. The location of the session can determine what you wear. 

You can take cues from nature, architecture, your home, or your backyard to decide what to wear. If you are at a park, beach, urban setting, or your home, consider the colors that might work well, along with keeping in mind the color of your pup or cat.

In these photos, the yellow/gold colors of the building go well with the dog’s fur and the green sweater with jeans.  I knew the colors of the buildings ahead of time and mentioned that green would look good in this setting.

The beach is such a fun and easy place to dress for.  I will mention it again, neutrals and jeans always work well.  Or you can flow with the colors that match the sand, sky and water…tans, blues and greens!

Bonus… if your dog has some orange in his fur, it’s a perfect complement to the beach colors and looks amazing. And if you love dresses, go for it! A flowy dress at the beach is so beautiful.

I love that this couple and their 3 dogs showed up very comfy in neutrals and jeans that worked well with the colors of their 3 dogs. The patterned shirt with the reddish/brown dog works well and is not too busy. The “Italian Villa” background style was so fun with their comfy casual style, almost a bit unexpected, but true to their personalities. So it all worked perfectly.

Simple and relaxed with a T-shirt and jeans at home is classic and always looks amazing.

If you are active at the beach, on the trails, or around town, your sporty attire always looks great. Plus, it makes playing and hanging out with your pup easy.

3. And because most of my sessions are on-location, always consider the weather and your comfort.  

When the weather is colder, you definitely have to plan to wear layers. And, if it is too hot, we are probably going to reschedule the session. The heat is no fun for your pup – or you! Also, planning for comfort is key so you can feel your best. For example –  I don’t recommend high heels at the beach!

Remember showing your personality is key, along with the above tips.  Spice things up a little with some fun shoes, a colorful belt, a scarf, or jewelry to bring out your personality.

Also, I highly encourage you to infuse your favorite color into what you wear.

And I love to see colorful hair!

Northern CA Pet Photography 

Remember, my pet photo sessions are custom and all about you and your pet. All of these tips are a guideline for you to make the part of what to wear fast and easy.  I am always available to ask questions and help you with your clothing selection ideas! 

If you have any questions or want to schedule a session with me, please send me a message here!