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What is Pet Photography | Danville, CA

What is Pet Photography

Are you one of those crazy (the good kind of crazy!) dog parents? If you are reading this my guess is…YES! I’m so glad you’re here. 

And you probably take a crazy amount of snapshots to remember all the fun, silly, quiet moments of your sweet fur baby. If you open the photos app on your phone and it’s 70% (or more) of your fur baby, then you are my people! Pets really are part of our family.

You may be wondering… what is pet photography and how is it any different than family photography? Couldn’t you just hire a family photographer to snap some photos of your pets? I would love to explain!

what is pet photography

Why Pet Photography vs Family Photography  

Yes, pets are totally part of your family, but a family photographer isn’t necessarily trained in taking photos of your pets. You wouldn’t want to bring your pet to the park for your photoshoot and then realize the photographer doesn’t know how to manage your pet! 

While we know our fur babies best, pets can be unpredictable during their portrait sessions. It’s something they’ve never done before! As a pet photographer, I am specially trained in photographing pets. I know all the tricks of the trade and can get the perfect shot – no matter what! 

If you’re worried about your pet misbehaving, let me assure you that a true pet photographer will know exactly what to do! Family photographers are great, but they will not have that special training and experience. 

what is pet photography

Is Pet Photography Only for Pets?

I love this question! The answer will depend on the pet photographer. Some prefer to only photograph pets while some (like me!) will be happy to include your human family members. It does take a special type of pet photographer who can truly capture your whole family! 

I believe pet photography includes the pet and their beloved humans. Depending on what my clients want, I’m able to take solo pet portraits along with full family portraits for my clients to treasure forever. So no, the answer is pet photography really isn’t only for pets. It’s a beautiful way to capture the love of your furry companion in a printed portrait. 

what is pet photography

Angie Rose Pet Photography | Danville, CA 

As a trusted pet photographer based in Danville, CA, it’s my joy to photograph your entire family! The printed photo that I have of my first dog is one of my prized possessions because I get to look at it and remember my sweet fur baby. If you’re thinking about a pet photography session, I’d love to chat with you! Send me a message right here.