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Flourishing in Flowers | The Flower Theory, Danville, CA

The Flower Theory, Danville, CA

I had a quick chat with Kathy Koutz, entrepreneur, small biz owner, and kick-ass flower designer of The Flower Theory in my hometown of Danville, Ca. This hardworking, spunky, down-to-earth mom of five adult kids delivers happiness one gorgeous, always custom flower arrangement at a time.

For many years, I have been a big fan of Kathy’s. Yes, I have ordered many of her cool, custom flower designs for friends and family (and myself!!). At times, when I would be driving through town I would just have the urge to stop by to see and smell all the beautiful flowers at her quaint shop.

I have realized that Kathy and I have a lot in common – we both discovered we were creatives “later in life” with a mission to use our creativity to bring love and happiness to our community. My pet photography and Kathy’s amazing arrangements are not a necessity in life, oh, but what a tragedy to not experience such beautiful and creative experiences in one’s life!

Meet The Flower Theory 

Kathy was busy working on a beautiful arrangement as I was talking to her.

The flower theory

Can you introduce yourself and your business? I’m Kathy of The Flower Theory. I was a stay-at-home mom with my five kids (adults now) my whole life and then there was an opportunity to take over a local flower shop and I had no experience.  Now it is a popular flower shop in Danville that has been built from scratch.

The flower theory

Who do you serve & what problem are you solving? I serve the average Joe (and Jane!) in town and the surrounding areas.  I solve the problem of the reputation of the flower shops that are old school and generic with ugly stuff! My style is “one of a kind” with no recipes and very custom and made to order.  I truly like to find out who you’re giving flowers to and why.

The flower theory

What inspired you to start your business? At the time, I was looking for something creative.  I was raised to be an entrepreneur.  I got divorced and was at a crossroads in my life. Out of desperation I truly felt “guided” to the local flower shop and by chance, the owner was looking for someone to take over.

The flower theory

Can you share more about the process of working with you? I encourage others (some of my employees) in the same position to find something in life as I have.  I have taught many people that work for me everything I know so when they do eventually leave, they have a skill. 

At a previous job, I learned a little bit of floral design, but most of my skills have been learned from classes and workshops and a lot of trial and error.  Through all of this, I have truly learned my style.

The flower theory

What advice do you have for small business owners? “It’s hard as hell-you better love what you do”.  Be true to yourself, so it’s not just a job.  I am always changing things up to keep things interesting.  Not everything works out, but at least I tried.  I truly believe people connect with me because I am real.

Thanks so much, Kathy!! She has a rad tattoo on her arm that says, “You are your only limit.” She truly lives out that motto. I loved being able to learn her story and share it here with you.

How can readers connect with you? Best place is Instagram @theflowertheory and my website is

The flower theory

Best Mother’s Day Gift in Danville, CA

For Mother’s Day, Kathy and Angie Rose Photography are collaborating to celebrate Dog Mamas and their loving bond with their pups by offering a gift package of a flower arrangement in a doggie bag, an adorable “dog mom” bracelet, and a limited, on-location pet photo session that includes a beautiful print by moi!

The flower theory
The flower theory

Contact Kathy at The Flower Theory at, call at 925-718-8865, or visit the shop at 155 Railroad Ave., Suite C in Danville to place your order for your special dog mom (or yourself-why not?) or any other special occasions!!  Finally, you can contact me here for more info, too. Thanks for reading!

“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.” -Sophia Bush