Invest in Your Happiness!

The Handcrafted Signature Session


On-location or at your home in the SF Bay Area. We get creative with a lifestyle, everyday vibe to make the vision of your perfect moments in time.

My handcrafted sessions are customized and planned with and for you!


  • session fee
  • $250 custom product credit
  • all the humans and pets from your household
  • 90+ minute photo session
  • your choice of location
  • view and choose from 25+ images
  • Bonus
    • healthy treats supplied
    • expert petting and pet cuddling skills
    • super fun time
    • experience in pet behaviors
Who's the Boss. Two Weinheimer and a little mixed terrier all looking at the boss. Photo taken Hap Magee Ranch Park in Danville California

Please Note:

  • a fee is added for locations farther than 1 hour of travel (one way) from Danville, CA
  • Session does not include digital or printed products. There is no minimum order. Most clients invest at least $1000 in their photography experience, some spend less and some spend much more.
  • All the emotions-joy, love, kindness, calm, surprise, trust, confidence and strength-just to name a few, is normally what is experienced with your perfect moments with your beloved pet and family.
  • My goal is to help you create beautiful and meaningful art work and products that will last for generations.  Your photography experience is a reflection of my integrity to do the utmost best for you. If you aren’t wholeheartedly satisfied with your experience or products, I promise to make it right.

“Had a blast with my Yellow Lab Margaux and Lifestyle Pet Photographer Angie Rose. Angie is true professional with a creative eye and the ability to bring out the best of the dog and owner relationship, the photographs and shoot exceeded my expectations”

- Mike Copeman

Product Overview

Most of our photos, these days, are digitally confined to our phones and computers and only shared on social media.

Your special moments deserve to be preserved, celebrated and smiled at.  And, in time, your treasured pieces will be lovingly handed down to future generations.

Let’s collaborate to create a piece of artwork that will bring happiness for many years to come.

Wall Art 

Canvas, Metal, Acrylic, Photographic Art Pieces and Custom Gallery Collections

Starting at $400

Premium Table Top Displays

Heirloom Albums, Folio Boxes, Acrylic Blocks, Album Blocks & more

Starting at $225

Digital Collection

Digital File Bundles – 5, 10, 20, 30+ file bundles available

Starting at $495

Curated Collections and A La Carte options available 

Purchased Wall Art, Heirloom Albums & Folio Boxes include the corresponding high resolution and social media files


According to wikipedia, the definition of lifestyle photography is “a style of portrait/people photography which aims to capture and document real-life events, situations, or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday”.  

I like this definition and I apply this to my photography with pets and their people. For my Lifestyle/Everyday photography I use natural light on-location or at your home to catch your moments in time. Prior to the session, I take the time to get to know you, your family and pet(s) so we can collaborate to come up with your vision at a location that has meaning to you. After I get to know you a little better, it’s easier to direct and/or prompt you with your pet(s) to comfortably pose or do an activity that feels very natural for the images. I love catching those in-between moments and details when you least expect it while you are just playing, snuggling or laughing with your family and/or pet(s). 

The majority of my photography is dogs and I, also, photograph cats, horses and the occasional chicken.

Don’t worry, 99% of the dogs I photograph are everyday companions with different levels of training. Some might not be thrilled to sit or stay during the session and that is OK. That is why we pre-plan for the session and I get to know all about your dog’s personality, level of training and all the things that motivate him to listen for at least a split second. My camera can capture 1/1000 of a second or faster, so we should be good to capture your special moments.  Most of the time, I will meet you and your dog before the session (if not, we spend time right before the session) to see how he reacts to my camera staring at him. I will not be in a hurry at all during the session and will be attentive to your dog’s needs, body language and pace during the session. Being calm and patient is a definite requirement for pet photography!

The safety of my pet clients is my number one priority. During the session, the only time a dog will be off leash is if the dog has 100% recall ability in the particular situation/location.  In certain locations, like urban settings, even the most well-behaved dogs should stay on leash for their safety.  For sessions with action shots, there is the option to use a long lead. All leashes can be magically removed in Photoshop for any ordered image. 

Regarding collars, I recommend having a simple collar with no tags, but if your pup wants to show off her favorite collar, leash and cool name tag in the images, that’s absolutely fine. Please note: harnesses will not be able to be removed from the images. If your pup normally wears a harness, but you don’t want a harness in the images, bring a collar to switch into. You can still bring the harness to be on during session breaks or when walking from one area to the next. 

All the pets that are in one household can be included in the session. It’s always a good idea to have one person to handle each pet, if possible, at the session.

I love having people in the photos with their pets; it tells a story and is so much fun! All immediate family members are included in the session. During the pre-planning we will discuss exactly who will be in the photos, your vision and the overall vibe of the photos that is important for me to capture for you.  

I will, also, get more detailed information on the personalities, favorite activities of everyone and anything else that you might think is important for me to know to make your session an amazing experience.

I am based in Danville, CA and travel to locations approximately an hour (one way) from Danville in the Bay Area. If you are interested in an epic location farther than one hour of traveling (one way), please contact me for a quote.

This is such a difficult time and I am so very sorry.  I will do whatever it takes to be there on the day/time you need me for your beloved pet. Contact me here or call me directly at 925-785-0442.

My Pet Celebration sessions are just like my regular sessions, but I will give you priority to schedule your session to accommodate you and your family.

It is very helpful to know what products you are interested in before the session, but you do not have to make any final decisions until we get together for you to view your final images.

The very first step is taking a peek around my website to decide if you want to work with me.  If you do, simply contact me here with your information and I will be in touch.  If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to call/text me at (925)785-0442 or email me at

Once I receive your information, I will contact you to say hi and book a time with you to do some pre-planning. Our pre-planning will be via Zoom call, in person or on the phone-whatever is most convenient for you. We will book a time and a perfect location along with going over all the details to prepare for the session.

Now the really fun part-after all the preparation for the session-you and your pet(s) will get to enjoy the experience together to capture those special and “everyday” moments. I will keep things relaxed and not rushed at all. Your pup, horse, cat or chicken will determine the pace of the session. If we need to take a break, or if your pet needs some extra treats or snuggles, no problem at all! 

Approximately 1-2 weeks after our session I will forward an online gallery to view or I will contact you to set up a time to meet via Zoom to view the first edition of your images, choose your favorites and decide on your custom artwork and/or products. Promptly, I will get busy putting the finishing touches on your favorite images and get them to the lab for production.

Then start practicing your “happy” dance so you are prepared when you see your images come to life with the gorgeous artwork and products that you will love and cherish for a lifetime!

  1. I specialize in and love photographing pets (and their people)!  I have spent many, many hours and constantly continue to study the specifics of photographing pets from the world’s top pet photographers.
  2. During your session, I constantly pay attention to your pet’s body language and behavior to make your pet photography session goes smooth and safe.
  3. I have a never-ending supply of patience, which really comes in handy when photographing pets.
  4. An important part of my custom photography experience is for me to put in the time and effort to get to know you, your family and pet’s personalities and style.
  5. Because I want you to be completely in love with your photos, artwork and/or products, I do offer a double guarantee-

    If you are not completely happy with the photos from your session I will refund your session fee or schedule another session for you.

    When you receive your artwork and/or products, if you are not doing a “happy dance” I will buy it back from you. No problem!

  6. Most of all, I love being creative and making my clients happy!