How to Prepare for Your At-Home Cat Photography Session 

Everyone who has a four-legged friend knows they are so much more than “just a pet” they are family. Felines have a special place in my heart; whether your cat is independent, affectionate, reserved, or playful, they deserve to have a spot when planning your photo session.

I always want my sessions to be stress-free and laid back. On the day of your session, we’re totally going to go with the flow! There are some things you can do to make the session run smoother if your cat is going to be a part of your special day. Let’s make the session as enjoyable as possible for both you and your beloved cats.

Cat Pet Photography Session Planning

Before your at-home cat photography session, there’s some important planning to do. We’ll start by connecting via phone, Zoom, or in-person to discuss your cat’s unique characteristics and your vision for the session. I want to know everything about your furry friend, including their breed, age, what motivates them (is it food, keywords, or certain noises?), their personality traits, training level, any allergies, and any fun quirks that make them special.

This is also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about the photography experience, from session day experience and products to how to prepare for the shoot. I’m here to make sure you feel comfortable and excited before we start capturing those beautiful moments with your cat.

How to Prepare Your Home for a Pet Photography Session 

Since your at-home cat photography session will take place in your own space, it’s essential to prepare your home for the shoot. Try to make sure the areas where you plan to take photos are clean and free of clutter. Remove any items that you don’t want to appear in the photos so the focus remains on your cat. 

When I arrive the day of the session, I will ease into meeting your cat and take time to earn his/her trust.  Also, I will take some time to walk around your home with you to give you any last minute suggestions if anything needs to be moved or removed before we start.

What to Consider for a Cat Photography Session

1. Treats

Cats can be motivated to bring out their curious and inner hunter nature by offering yummy treats. If this describes your cat, have some of your cat’s favorite treats on hand to reward them for their cooperation during the session. High-value treats like chicken, cheese, or other favorites can be particularly useful, but remember, it’s totally up to you! Just use what your cat loves best for motivation. 

2. Toys

If your cat has a favorite toy or two, consider using them in the session. They don’t have to be in the photos themselves but can be used to keep your cat near, cooperative, and engaged. I’m always able to PhotoShop out any toys, strings, feathers, etc., from the final images as well. 

3. Blanket or Cat Bed

Does your cat have a special bed or blanket that he or she loves to curl up in for naps? If so, consider placing that in the room where the photos are taking place a couple of days before your session. Also, your cat might like to be in a cute basket, box, or cat cave, where they feel safe for some of the photos. This provides a comfortable and clean spot for your cat to pose while also allowing for easy cleanup.

4. What to Wear

For the human family members involved in the cat photography session, it’s a good idea to plan your outfits in advance. Coordinating your clothing choices can create a consistent look in the final photos. I have lots of tips on what to wear for your pet photography session here. Also, do you have a cat who sheds a lot? If so, try to avoid colors that will show fur, but please don’t worry too much, as I can always PhotoShop any fur out!

5. Grooming

Grooming your cat is optional but can make a huge difference in the final photos. Giving your cat a light brushing and wiping around their eyes, ears, and mouth can make them look fresh and well-groomed in the photos. It’s also a great opportunity to clip your cat’s nails if needed. While grooming is optional, it can be a fun way to make your cat feel and look their best for the session, just like you! 

6. Displaying Your Images

Before the session, think about where you want to display the images once they’re ready. Considering your home’s decor and where you’d like to showcase your cat’s portraits can help guide the style. Plus, guides the theme of the session and also helps give you insights into what to wear. 

I’m here to help you design, print, and deliver your cat portrait artwork, making it a hassle-free process. The joy of delivering these pieces of art is something I love. Why? Because I know you’ll treasure them for years to come.

Danville, CA Cat Photography 

If you have any questions or are ready to schedule your at-home cat photography session, please feel free to contact me. I can’t wait to capture those beautiful moments with your feline family members!