Custom Luxe Album

Display Your Pet Photography Artwork with a Custom Luxe Album

After all the planning and having your tail-wagging, lifestyle pet photography session, it’s time to decide how you want to display your images. If the thought of that overwhelmed you, please don’t worry. Your pet photographer (that’s me-Angie) is here to guide you and help make your decisions after the session as easy as possible. And, most likely, at the beginning of our pet session planning process, we talked about possible product ideas and options for you. After the session reveal, I will take care of all the ordering for you. I’ll even hand deliver! Let’s stop here to meet one of my favorite portrait artwork products. 

Meet the Luxe Custom Album 

Remember these beautiful souls, Frankie & Georgia? Well, I had the honor of designing a Luxe Custom Album, Handcrafted in Italy, for Frankie & Georgia’s mom, Angela, with photos from their sessions at home and on-location in Tiburon, California.

If you absolutely can’t part with the images I show you, a custom album might be the way to go. My Custom Luxe Album is one of the bespoke albums I offer, and it’s easy to see why! This luxe customizable album has a clean design with a traditional touch and a refined balance of materials and shapes which truly reflect the personality of the people (and pets) that choose it. Imagine being able to sit down with a cup of tea (or glass of wine) and holding this album in your hands. You’ll be able to turn page after page and remember your beloved pets.

Why Choose a Custom Luxe Album to Display Your Pet’s Image?

You might still wonder why you might want an album over any other type of portrait artwork. So, I’d love to give you five reasons why you might love a Custom Luxe Album for your pet photography images.

5 Reasons to Choose a Custom Luxe Album

1. Family albums (and artwork) make the BEST décor. 

This beautiful and luxurious album will look amazing in any room of your home. You can display it in your living room as part of the décor. 

2. Technology does fail.

Unfortunately, I’d heard horror stories of technology failing us. Flash drives can get lost or misplaced for years or even forever. We lose track of passwords to cloud storage. Finally, it’s easy to forget where our images are even saved! 

3. Big Box doesn’t cut it. 

Trying to make your own album with online album creators might seem easy and less expensive, but could take you hours and hours to create, could come with mistakes, and might not hold up over time.

4. Engage your senses. 

Holding an album made just for you engages your senses and brings you back to that exact time and place with your family. It’s a wonderful way to hold onto the memories that matter the most.

5. Your legacy.

This Custom Luxe Album becomes part of your legacy that you’ll want to pass down to future generations. Your family will treasure these images for decades to come. 

Heirloom Pet Portrait Artwork

It’s more than a photo album. This is part of your family’s story. I just love putting these together for my clients. Here is a Luxe Custom Album I made from a pet photography workshop I attended in Lake Tahoe.

Memories You Can Hold Onto Forever

When your magical moments are documented with something tangible such as a beautiful heirloom album, wall art, or a fine art folio box, these memories can be passed on to our kids and grandkids, so future generations learn more about who they are and where they came from. These tangible pieces of art can be touched, loved, and even talked to (yes, I have talked to my photos!), bringing the past to life, something a digital photo has a hard time doing. 

If this speaks to you, I’d love to find a time to chat. Please send me a message here. 

“Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.”

– W.R. Purche