San Francisco Bay Area Photographer

Meet Angie Rose

Being able to stop time and capture the beauty of your “everyday” with your pet is magical and what I love to do.

Meet Missy, my first furry friend, a five-dollar investment from the pet store that turned out to be one of the smartest decisions my parents ever made! At the tender age of two, I embarked on a journey of learning to respect, love, and care for my little puppy.

Little did I know, Missy would play a pivotal role in shaping me into the slightly (okay, maybe more than slightly) crazy animal lover and photographer I am today! While my parents invested quite a bit more in my nutrition degree from UC Davis, it’s amusing to note that my education didn’t include any classes on the art of raising a playful, four-legged companion like Missy. Life’s funny that way, isn’t it?

Our firstborn wasn’t what you’d typically expect – not a bundle of joy in the traditional sense, but a handsome Rottweiler named Axel. Now, considering our last name is Rose, you can probably guess the kind of music we were listening to back then.

Axel entered our lives right after my husband, Rob, and I bought our first home. As the years passed and Axel grew older, I couldn’t shake the desire to capture a beautiful moment between him and our first human daughter, Courtney. And so, I did just that – a stunning portrait frozen in time, now a cherished piece in our home.

Over 25 years have gone by, yet there’s not a single day when I don’t glance at that beautiful framed canvas and smile. It’s a timeless reminder of the love that started with a Rottweiler named Axel and grew to include a daughter named Courtney – a testament to the music, the moments, and the memories that make up the melody of our family’s journey.

In the summer of 2019, I captured a portrait of our 14-year-old English Labrador, Angus, a moment that I hold dear. It was an ordinary scene, one that had unfolded many times before – Rob and I in the backyard, playing with all our fur family but it would be the last time we’d all share. In that brief and tranquil moment frozen in the photograph, Angus doesn’t remind me of how tired and aged he had become. Instead, it captures the essence of the timeless joy he brought to our lives.

Using pet photography to unleash (pun intended!) my creativity, connect to the community and put a smile on people and their pet’s faces is amazing; I never get tired of it. Currently, the pups in our pack are four rescues-Bentley & Daisy (pictured above) and two new additions-Carmen, a Chihuahua that thinks she runs the household and Stevie, a sweet senior pup. All were rescued from Tri-Valley Animal Rescue in Dublin, California where I help photograph adoptable pups.

In addition to photographing adorable pets, you can find me:

  • Walking and training my pups
  • Practicing Yoga
  • Looking up Merriam Webster’s “Word of the Day”
  • Reading and taking online photography education classes
  • Listening to podcasts while I clean the house
  • Trying to figure out what is for dinner (it’s usually something vegetarian)
  • Running from my two daughters trying to take snap chat photos of me