Is My Dog Right for Pet Photography

Is My Dog Right for Pet Photography?

Have you thought of doing a photo session for your pup? And then thought…ummmmm…not sure if my pup is really right for an actual photo session. Since I am a pet photographer, my first reaction is – Every Dog Needs Photos! 

Is My Dog Right for Pet Photography

All the dogs – small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs, extra big dogs, puppies, older dogs, shy dogs, adventurous dogs, couch potato dogs, working dogs, water dogs, rescued dogs, trained and not so trained dogs, birthday and gotcha day dogs…you get the idea! 

They all deserve beautiful photos to be remembered and celebrated. Right?

Is My Dog Right for Pet Photography
Look at that wonderful smile!

If you’re still unsure if your pup is ready for her close-up, I have another question. Can we (yes, “we”, your pup loves that you are an essential part of the photo session) help your pup feel relaxed and comfortable to bring out her true personality that you know and love? 

We can capture all the playfulness and whimsy and the sweet, quiet, real moments. From the one-week-old puppy to the 17-year-old trusted furry friend that has been with you through thick and thin, with the right planning and preparation and guidance from an experienced pet photographer, your dog’s photo session can work out amazing!

Let’s walk through the four biggest worries I hear from dog parents about pet photography and offer a solution!

Is My Dog Right for Pet Photography
A sweet, older pup cuddling mom!
Is My Dog Right for Pet Photography
A precious one-week-old puppy!

4 Common Dog Parent Worries (and the solution)

These are the four most common dog parent worries that I hear. If you have a different question or concern, please drop me a note here, and I’m happy to answer your question!

1.) What if my dog is reactive or a flight risk?

This is quite common, and there are a couple of things that we can do! For example, for an on-location session, the dog that is reactive or a possible flight risk (think: puppies under a year old!) can have a session planned on a weekday in the morning when locations can be a little quieter and not have as many distractions.

And a leash can be used for the whole session, which 95% of the dogs I photograph do use for safety. 

Is My Dog Right for Pet Photography
All these dogs are on a leash! Thanks to PhotoShop magic, all you can see is this lovely family.

2.) What if we prefer to take photos at home?

Is your pup just more comfortable at home? No problem! A session at your home (inside or in your yard) is totally fine. And at all my sessions, I encourage the dog’s human family to be in the photos, too. It definitely makes your pup feel more comfortable being right near you. 

Is My Dog Right for Pet Photography
Kisses from mom are the best!

3.) What if my dog doesn’t like the camera?

Is your pooch camera-shy? If your pup isn’t comfortable with my camera right up in their whiskery, sweet faces, no problem!  I can use my telephoto lens where I can be further away to capture the action and relaxed moments. We can get the perfect photo without the stress of a camera super close. 

Is My Dog Right for Pet Photography
These well-trained dogs posed so nicely while I captured this with a long lens.
Is My Dog Right for Pet Photography
A BTS (behind-the-scenes) of me using a long-lens to capture a pooch!

4.) What if my dog isn’t cooperating? 

For all dogs, patience and calm are key during a session. This helps to keep everything a little more relaxed. I am constantly monitoring your pup’s body language and assessing if they are comfortable or might need a break.  

The only reason a session might not proceed is if a pup is just way too nervous, stressed, or not feeling well. Also, if a dog is not happy and shows signs of aggression (which could be a sign of fear), that would definitely be a sure sign to stop the session.

I would never want to prolong any of these situations for your dog. It’s all good, and we can take a step back and re-evaluate. Maybe we need to have the session in a quieter place or at home. We’ll figure it out!

Is My Dog Right for Pet Photography
Bluebell was having a great time posing for her portrait because her owner is standing behind me with a treat!

Pet Photography | San Francisco, CA

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, every dog deserves to be celebrated! And having beautiful wall art, custom desk displays, or an heirloom album from your handcrafted pet photo session is a way to keep those treasured moments in time close to your heart for many years to come.

If you’re worried about how your pup will handle a photo session, you are far from alone! I’m happy to chat with you and answer any questions that you may have about pet photography.

Is My Dog Right for Pet Photography