Top Tips for Pet Photography: How to Take Better Photos of Your Pet 

As a Bay Area pet photographer, many friends and family ask me for tips and tricks for how to take better photos of your pet. Our pets are important family members, so of course, we want to take amazing photos of them. 

While pets are so much fun to photograph, there are some little things to know that will make capturing them so much easier. If it’s time to schedule a full pet photography photo session, we can always do that, too! In the meantime, I hope these tips help!

Let’s uplevel the photos you take with easy tips you can use with any camera including your phone! These little ideas can make a difference between a “meh” photo and a masterpiece!

5 Tips to Take Better Photos of Your Pets

1. Get Down to Their Level – Sometimes, we have the tendency to stand and point our camera down at our pet, but getting down at their level captures what it’s like in their world! 

2. Follow the Light – Look for natural light! Inside? Look for the window and use natural light. Or a slider that you can open for better light. Outside? Have them in a shady spot with them, looking out towards the open sky. Cloudy Days are great for photography-the clouds are diffusing the light for you! To minimize harsh shadows, photograph during Golden Hour (an hour before sunset or shortly after sunrise), the light is soft, even and warm which looks beautiful!

3. Steal Their Attention – Use treats, toys, or a funny noise to get their attention. If you can, put the treat or the toy right by the camera lens or where you want them to look for the photo. 

4. Focus on Their Eyes – The eyes say so much, so it’s something you want to capture! Use your light tips from number 2 to get those catch lights in their eyes. This brings everything alive in your photo! 

5. Action Shots – Catch them if you can! On your phone, use burst mode to get a cool action. Capture them playing or doing something funny. Remember to use natural light and get down low to get them in their element. 

Want the rest of my tips? 

You can download the full 16 tips here! I’ll send you a PDF straight to your inbox. 

18 Pet Photo Ideas 

Need some inspiration on what to photograph? I have a whole collection of pet photo and pose ideas for you on my blog. No matter what, as long as you’re having fun with your pet, the photos will turn out beautifully. These ideas are to help you with some easy directions to bring out the moments, details, and expressions that you love the most and want to be captured in photos! 

Printing Your Pet Photos 

Another little tip from me is to take the time to print a few of your favorite photos. You can make an album or frame your favorite shots to display in your home or even office. Printing out your pet’s photos will add happiness to your home and bring you so much joy, trust me. I love helping clients with this part of the process and offer professional design and printing services with each of my sessions, but it’s always no pressure at all! You deserve to see and love your images every single day no matter what, so don’t leave them on your phone or computer!

Angie Rose Photography 

I hope my tips are helpful to you! Now get out there and take some photos! 

Do you have any questions for me, or do you want to share the photos you took? Feel free to message me or tag me on social media @angieprose