happy fathers day dog dad

Happy Father’s Day to All the Dog Dads From Your Bay Area Pet Photographer 

Happy Fathers Day dog dad

As a Bay Area Pet Photographer, I get to meet and photograph some of the most amazing Dog People, including Dog Dads. They are always attentive and helpful during their session that includes their fur baby.

Do you know a Dog Dad? (aka. Dog Daddy, Fur Daddy, Doggo Dad, Crazy Dog Guy, Dawg Dad!) They are a special breed! And deserve to be celebrated on Father’s Day (and throughout the year).

happy fathers day dog dad
happy fathers day dog dad

In our family, my husband, Rob, never expected we would have five adopted dogs at once. But he takes his title as Dog Dad seriously.  He always makes sure the pups get played with or walked every day, and they all get morning and evening snuggles and kisses. And any little lump or bump…off to the vet asap! And don’t get me started on how crazy he got when his sweet girl, Daisy, was lost in our neighborhood for 10 minutes!

My brother-in-law is another outstanding example of a Dog Dad. For example, he makes, from scratch weekly, a batch of homemade dog food for his girl, Margaux, to make sure she stays healthy. Let’s be honest, Dog Dads just plain rock!

happy fathers day dog dad

Documenting Dog Dads with Photography 

All the incredible Dog Dads that I photograph have beautiful stories to tell about their pups. I love hearing each one, and it’s always such an honor to document their relationships in creative, fun ways.

If you pay attention, these Dog Dads are all around us. They truly work hard and play hard to make sure their families, including the furry ones, are well taken care of. And they are not looking for any recognition, just making sure everyone is happy is all they need. So, what’s the perfect way to celebrate the Dog Dad in your life? 

happy fathers day dog dad

Why Pet Photography is the Perfect Gift for Father’s Day 

Cheers to all the amazing Dads of furry and non-furry kids this Father’s Day! If you’re looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift, why not a photo of their whole family to treasure forever?

Dads are notoriously hard to shop for, but this is something they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. Pet photography is an opportunity to enjoy your entire family, including pets, and have something to always cherish. Handing my clients their framed portrait or albums is such a beautiful moment. 

Bay Area Pet Photographer 

As a Bay Area pet photographer, I’m blessed to meet many amazing dog dads and their fur babies. There is something so special about their bond that I love capturing with my camera. I guide my clients through the family photo experience so that every member of the family has a wonderful time! If you’re interested in scheduling a session with me, please send me a message here. Finally, if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask!

happy fathers day dog dad images