CA end-of-life pet photo

Preserving the Joy of Your Beloved Pet with Celebration Sessions

What do you love about your pet? What do you want to remember? These are a couple of questions I ALWAYS ask my pet parents no matter what type of session, whether it’s a Puppy Session, Day in the Life, Signature Session & Celebration Session.

The truth is that our pets’ lives are just too short. I think we all know this before committing to giving our hearts to a new puppy or adopting a rescue pup or two or three! And knowing this really makes the time together so much more precious. Right???

In 2022, I had the honor of documenting and capturing some amazing pups and many beautiful moments for my pet parents to cherish when they knew their time together was very limited on that day. You may think of these sessions as End-of-Life Sessions, but I don’t like to call them that. 

Please allow me to explain why and share some of these amazing pups with you. 


Why I Don’t Say End-Of-Life Sessions

I don’t call my sessions for senior pups or pups that are ill End-of-Life Sessions. Instead, mine are more appropriately named Celebration Sessions. Being trained as a Hospice Volunteer with one of my rescue pups, Bentley, I learned hospice patients (that have been told they have six months or less to live) are treated and respected that they are LIVING, not dying.

My Celebration Sessions are for documenting and capturing pups as they are living and sharing all of their amazing love, joy, and playfulness with their family. To me, there is no other way to approach this session. 

Let me tell you, every one of the pups that have been in front of my camera in this situation really knows how important these photos are to their family; I can really feel it. 

And when you look at these photos throughout this blog, I bet you can feel it, too, by looking at these sweet furry faces!


What is a Pet Celebration Session?

Before doing a Celebration Session, I always take the time to talk to the pet parents to get the full story of their pet. This way,  we can customize every aspect of the session. From the location, the day & time, the pup’s activity level, the vision of the photos and, how the pet parent would love to display the photos, and much more. 

Also, these sessions are a very high priority, and I will do my best to accommodate the timing that is convenient. I’ve had clients reach out for a Celebration Session because they know their pup is getting older or they’ve received news that there isn’t much time left. If you’re worried that your pet doesn’t have a lot of time left, please still reach out to me. 


Honoring the Bond Between Pets and Their People

This blog is to honor the pups I have had the opportunity to meet, spend time with, and photograph for a couple of hours of their life, which left a lasting impression on me. During the session, I love letting my pet families just enjoy the time and forget everything else in the world while they focus on loving their precious pup.

Please look at these sweet faces and think of a nice thought for each of them. I know the grief is still with their families, and only time will help it subside.


This last photo is of my sweet boy, Angus, the day before he passed over the rainbow bridge. It was just like some of the summer days before when he would watch our other dogs play because he was too weak to join in. I am so happy I took this photo. It’s not an award-winning photo, but it’s perfect to me!!!

“Angus, even though you left this earth 4 years ago, we always love you and still think and talk of you all the time!  Sweet Dreams!”


Holding Your Pet’s Memories Close 

Your Celebration Session with me is not complete until you have portrait artwork in your hands. You’ll have a cherished album or beloved artwork piece that you’ll have to hold your pet close to you for the rest of your life. 

The photographic products that most of my pet parents purchase to celebrate their pups are beautiful Canvas, Metal, or Acrylic Wall Art Pieces, Heirloom Albums, and Folio Boxes. Once you choose your favorite image(s) from your Celebration Session, I handle all design, ordering, and delivery, so you don’t have to worry about anything. You can trust my professional printer for quality artwork products that will last a lifetime. 


Grateful to Be Your Pet Photographer 

I’m truly grateful to be there with you celebrating your amazing pet. Another reason I don’t like calling Celebration Sessions End-of-Life Sessions is that it’s really a celebration of your love. You deserve to document and preserve these precious memories with your best friend. While it won’t fix your broken heart, your portraits from this session will soothe your aching heart and help you hold onto your pet’s memory. 

If you have any questions or want to schedule your Celebration of Life Session, please send me a message here.