7 Reasons To Do an In-Home Pet Photography Session

the perks of an in home pet photography sessions means cozy naps!

Are you thinking about an in-home pet photography session? Outdoor sessions are tons of fun, but there really is something special about documenting your pet in their happy place: at home! There are some instances where an in-home session might be the better option, but it really depends on your pet, your family, and your […]

The Pet Photography Experience | Meet Bondi at Stanford University

family portrait with dog

The Pet Photography Experience On a moody, overcast, Sunday afternoon in October at Stanford University, I met up with the most adorable couple, Sobe and Shefali, and their spunky 4 month-old Longhaired Miniature Dachshund puppy, Bondi (pronounced Bond-eye). He’s lovingly named after the beautiful, white, sandy Bondi Beach in Australia.  The chosen location for their […]