7 Reasons To Do an In-Home Pet Photography Session

the perks of an in home pet photography sessions means cozy naps!

Are you thinking about an in-home pet photography session? Outdoor sessions are tons of fun, but there really is something special about documenting your pet in their happy place: at home! There are some instances where an in-home session might be the better option, but it really depends on your pet, your family, and your […]

23 Favorite Pets and Their People from 2023

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Happy New Year! I am excited to share some highlights from my 2023 Custom Handcrafted Sessions in the Bay Area. I decided to follow the theme from last year, my 22 favorites of 2022, and picked my 23 (plus a few extras) favorite photos of 2023.  I scrolled through all my amazing pet photo sessions […]

How to Prepare for Your At-Home Cat Photography Session 

Everyone who has a four-legged friend knows they are so much more than “just a pet” they are family. Felines have a special place in my heart; whether your cat is independent, affectionate, reserved, or playful, they deserve to have a spot when planning your photo session. I always want my sessions to be stress-free […]

What to Wear for Your Pet Photography Session 

A heartwarming scene captured in Redwood City, California, featuring Two English Cream Retriever and their loving family, beautifully documented by AngieRose.com

An Angie Rose Photography pet photo session is very relaxed, easy, and a true reflection of you, your family, and your furry family members. So, why would you need to think about what to wear? Does it really matter? I think it’s worth a little time to prepare what you (and your family) will wear […]

18 Amazing Bay Area Pet Photo Session Ideas

A tender moment captured by AngieRose.com, featuring a Cream English Retriever and his beloved human sister, showcasing their heartwarming companionship

With pet photo sessions, there are so many ways to capture the joy, happiness, love & personality of your family. Naturally, my eye goes towards the lifestyle, candid and documentary styles. With that said, there is always some type of direction to help bring out the moments, details, and fun that you can experience at […]

Why You Should Print Your Pet Portraits

Why print your pet portraits

How many photos do you have of your dog on your phone? Hundreds? Thousands? I love that we can take out our phones and snap a few quick pictures of our pets. Really, I do! There is beauty in being able to take as many photos as we want. As a California lifestyle pet photographer, […]

Amazing Pet Photography Session on Miramar Beach in Half Moon Bay, California

Angie Rose Pet Photographer

If you want that relaxed California lifestyle vibe for your pet photo session, many beaches along the Northern California coast are a fantastic location option. Stop what you are doing for a moment and close your eyes. Breathe in the clean, salty air while listening to the soft whispers of the wind blowing gently on […]

22 Favorite Pets and their People Images of 2022

Wow! I had so many amazing pet photo sessions in 2022. The opportunity to meet so many crazy (in a good way) pet parents and their fur-kids and having them trust me to capture the quiet, playful, quirky and soulful moments is an absolute honor. Below are 22 of my favorite “pets and their people” […]

Pet Photography for Tails of the World

Daisy gets a running start!

I’m so lucky to be able to do what I love AND give back to an organization that means so much to me. I’d love to introduce Tails of the World to you. First, I’ll share more about this collective and what they do, the dogs I met while photographing for the book, and how […]