family of four with their pup

Family Photography With Your Pets 

My kids are grown up now, but it feels like yesterday they were small. That season of life is so sweet and so very exhausting. There is so much to get in and so little time (and sometimes lack of sleep!). When my kids were little we had Axel, a Rottweiler, and later on, Sydney, an Australian Shepherd, and Angus, a Black Labrador Retriever. I remember how good they all were with the girls. We have many happy memories of playing in the backyard with the pups. 

It’s one of those things where you hopefully snap a few photos to capture the memories, but how often do you actually pause, soak it all in, and actually be in the photos?

If you have small children, you might be looking for a family photographer to help you hit the pause button and capture this season with them. As a pet photographer who includes families, I love helping clients document their growing family. Your dog has likely been with you for many years, possibly even before you had kids or met your spouse. It’s so important to include them in a professional family portrait because they are part of the family.

Here are ten reasons why a mom would want family photography with their pets.

10 Reasons to Book Angie Rose Photography 

1. Easy, Lifestyle Photography Sessions – Everything about our photography session is relaxed. From planning the session to the actual session day to choosing your final artwork. I want you to feel the easygoing vibes throughout the pet photography process. There’s no rush or pressure, ever. 

2. Custom Photography Sessions for Your Needs – Do you have small children with a nap schedule to consider? A senior pup who’s more comfortable at home? Your photography session is completely custom to you and your family. During our initial call, I’ll ask about any needs you may have. 

facing the sunset during a family photography session

3. Be Present With Your Family – During the session, you can just relax and enjoy time with your family. I have it all handled. You don’t need to worry about kids or pets “behaving.” I’m a mom myself and have worked with many families and pets over the years; I’ve got it covered. This is your time to just be with your family.

4. Choose Your Home or On-Location – Where is your family most comfortable? If it’s at home, let’s have your session at your house. Or, if there’s a park or special place you all love, we can go there. We’ll talk about it during our initial call. 

5. Slow down as a Busy Family – Your family is on the go! I know how busy you are because I remember what it’s like during this stage. A family photography session is your permission to slow down and spend a morning or afternoon together. Our session style is very relaxed and focused more on your relationships vs posing. You’ll have the opportunity to take a breather and enjoy your growing family. 

6. Variations of Groupings – During our session, we’ll get a variation of groupings to document every special bond. We can do the entire family, siblings, siblings with their dog, mom and dad with their dog, and more. I have a mental list of pet poses, but we totally go with the flow!

7. Document Your Family Right Now – Bottle up your family right now. Our children grow up so quickly. By documenting them with family photography, you’re creating your very own time capsule to revisit as the years go by. 

8. Be in the Photos – How many photos do you have of your children? How many of them include you? Professional photos with you and your children will be a gift for both of you. If you have any worries about how you look, I can assure you that you look beautiful, and I’ll photograph you as best I can. 

9. Custom Professional Portrait Artwork Print your portraits with my professional lab so that your artwork can stay in the family for generations. After your session, we’ll create your custom album, wall art, or folio box that you can hold onto for many years to come. 

10. Photography is Good for Children – Did you know that children who grow up seeing their portraits on the wall feel happy and secure? They know their place in the world, and that’s with their family, who loves them very much. When we see our photos on display, we can’t help but feel happier and relive happy memories. 

Bay Area Pet Family Photographer 

This list of why you should take the time for family photography with your pets was easy for me to make because I’m a mom who was in your shoes. I’d love to capture professional photos of your whole family so you can enjoy all 10 of the reasons I listed above. It all starts with a quick phone call. Please contact me here today. I can’t wait to meet you.