Photography for Couples and Their Pets

Piedmont Park, Piedmont, CA

Pets offer us unconditional love and happiness throughout their lives, so it’s no wonder my clients want pet photography sessions. After the past couple of years of offering photography for couples and their pets in the Bay Area, I noticed a few fun patterns of when clients tend to reach out. My clients want to […]

Family Photography With Your Pets 

family of four with their pup

My kids are grown up now, but it feels like yesterday they were small. That season of life is so sweet and so very exhausting. There is so much to get in and so little time (and sometimes lack of sleep!). When my kids were little we had Axel, a Rottweiler, and later on, Sydney, […]

Feature: Dr. Jennifer Luna-Repose of New Earth Pet Healing

Earlier this year, we had to say goodbye to our sweet Daisy. She had some serious health issues, and we knew we didn’t have much time left with her. It’s always so hard saying goodbye to our pets, and it never gets easier. I’m beyond grateful to have found Dr. Jennifer Luna-Repose of New Earth […]

Top Tips for Pet Photography: How to Take Better Photos of Your Pet 

As a Bay Area pet photographer, many friends and family ask me for tips and tricks for how to take better photos of your pet. Our pets are important family members, so of course, we want to take amazing photos of them.  While pets are so much fun to photograph, there are some little things […]

7 Reasons To Do an In-Home Pet Photography Session

the perks of an in home pet photography sessions means cozy naps!

Are you thinking about an in-home pet photography session? Outdoor sessions are tons of fun, but there really is something special about documenting your pet in their happy place: at home! There are some instances where an in-home session might be the better option, but it really depends on your pet, your family, and your […]

23 Favorite Pets and Their People from 2023

Blog cover image

Happy New Year! I am excited to share some highlights from my 2023 Custom Handcrafted Sessions in the Bay Area. I decided to follow the theme from last year, my 22 favorites of 2022, and picked my 23 (plus a few extras) favorite photos of 2023.  I scrolled through all my amazing pet photo sessions […]

Winter Pet Photography Session at Harbor Beach in Santa Cruz, CA 


Professional photos of your beloved dog are the perfect gift, don’t you think? That’s what Leah’s amazing parents thought when they purchased a gift certificate for her birthday last year. They knew this hardworking school teacher would treasure these images with her best friend, a 6-year-old red golden retriever named Boomer.  Leah’s mom, Claire, reached […]

Angie Rose’s 2023 Pet Gift Guide 

There are so many amazing products for pets and their families! Throughout the year, I keep my eyes and ears open for any cool pet products that I want to share with my pet parent community in a Pet Gift Guide. I hope you find the purrfect gift! You can find last year’s 2022 Pet […]

How to Prepare for Your At-Home Cat Photography Session 

Everyone who has a four-legged friend knows they are so much more than “just a pet” they are family. Felines have a special place in my heart; whether your cat is independent, affectionate, reserved, or playful, they deserve to have a spot when planning your photo session. I always want my sessions to be stress-free […]