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A touching moment captured during a pet photoshoot in the San Francisco Bay Area as a dog mom warmly welcomes her adorable pup to the world. Courtesy of Alameda Pet Photographer
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Alameda Pet Photographer for Pets & The People That Love Them

California Lifestyle Pet Photographer

Treasure their paws & tails fur-ever

For the crazy (only the good kind!) pet parents who want to capture their pet's one-of-a-kind personality along with the bond they share.

Hi, I’m Angie...

Ready to treat your furry friend to a worry-free Lifestyle Pet Photography session?

My mission is simple – capturing your pet at their best and transforming those moments into stunning custom wall art that serves as a timeless reminder of the incredible bond you share.

I’m right here in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, so you can bet your session will have that relaxed, easy-going vibe you love at your favorite local spot.

Life just zooms by, especially with a four-legged companion by your side, doesn’t it? As your go-to Alameda Lifestyle Pet Photographer, I specialize in freeze-framing those slobbery licks, playful shenanigans, and those quiet, cozy snuggles with your BFF (best furry friend). Whether it’s the comfort of your home or that special Bay Area spot you adore, you get to pick the backdrop. What’s your go-to location?

As you explore my website, you can:

Ever wonder, ‘Where’s the best Bay Area pet photographer near me?’ Wonder no more—I’m right here and ready to make magic happen!

My handcrafted photo sessions are easy and relaxed for you.

No worries at all, I have prepared for your session and all of your questions have been answered ahead of time. And the beautiful artwork from your session will be guaranteed to make you smile every day!

Couple sitting on beach with their two dogs

“Communication was great, and we were able to find a beach location we loved in Half Moon Bay. She was so easy to work with, and the entire experience was better than I could have expected. The items we purchased were of a great value, and the photos we have are gorgeous.”

-Christine Catabay, Fremont, CA

The Process

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Smile & Enjoy

“Angie is a one-of-a-kind professional who is so friendly, thoughtful, meticulous, polished and always prepared! She went above and beyond to ensure that our pet photography session turned out as we had envisioned – even better, to be honest!”

- Shefali Tandon, Menlo Park, CA
Shefali Tandon and family holding their dog in Bay Area California

Dog Parents, I know what you might be thinking...

My pup might be more interested in people, other dogs and distractions at our location and can’t be off leash!

No problem-safety is top priority and 99% of the pups I photograph on-location are on a leash.

I magically sprinkle some Photoshop pixie dust on your photos while editing and “poof”- the leash disappears and your pup looks like a rockstar!

Before shot of dog wearing leash

Image straight out of camera

Leash removal and edited image

framed photo of dog on wall above couch

An example of framed art work

“These pictures taken of me and my horse, Lavinto, showed our relationship, I will have these photos for the rest of my life! Thank you, Angie, for being so sweet and thoughtful throughout the whole process.”
- Ella Filippi, Alamo California

At Angie Rose Photography, the most popular pet photo session is priced at $595. This includes a 90+ minute session, choice of location in the SF Bay Area, and covers all humans and pets from your household. The fee doesn’t include digital or printed products, with clients typically investing between $1,500 to $2,500, or more, for a complete experience. Additional charges may apply for travel beyond 45 minutes from Danville, CA. For detailed information, visit my Session Info Here. 

It is true that while anyone can take a photo, professional pet photography, particularly with dogs, requires a unique set of skills. This art form goes beyond simple picture-taking; it involves understanding animal behavior, capturing the individuality of each pet, and ensuring a comfortable setting for them. As a professional, I blend these elements with advanced Photoshop skills, global networking with top animal photographers, and investment in high-quality equipment and software. This combination of skills, tools, and artistic vision elevates the photographs to more than just images, encapsulating the profound bond between pets and their owners. See for yourself by checking out my Portfolio Here.


Lifestyle pet photography and studio pet photography differ mainly in their settings and approach. Lifestyle pet photography focuses on capturing pets in their natural environments, often at home or outdoors, to reflect their everyday life and personality. We can also create studio effects using your favorite spot as a backdrop. It emphasizes candid, spontaneous shots and real-life moments. Studio pet photography, on the other hand, is a simpler process that occurs in a controlled studio setting with lighting and backdrops. This style often involves more posed and structured images.


At Angie Rose Photography, my lifestyle pet photography service is distinguished by expert knowledge, deep understanding of pet behavior, infinite patience, and personalized sessions. Endorsed by Trustindex verified reviews, I offer a double guarantee for satisfaction with both the photography and final artwork. My commitment lies in fostering creativity and ensuring client happiness, aiming to deliver high-quality, memorable experiences that capture the unique bond between pets and their owners. client happiness, and delivering high-quality, memorable photographs that capture your special bond with your pet. My goal is to create a delightful and lasting experience for you and your pet.