the perks of an in home pet photography sessions means cozy naps!

7 Reasons To Do an In-Home Pet Photography Session

Are you thinking about an in-home pet photography session? Outdoor sessions are tons of fun, but there really is something special about documenting your pet in their happy place: at home! There are some instances where an in-home session might be the better option, but it really depends on your pet, your family, and your comfort level. 

I have seven reasons why you might choose an in-home pet photography session and some information on how we prep for this type of session. I hope it’s helpful! 

7 Benefits of In-Home Pet Photography

1. Photographing Your Cats – Some cats are okay with a car ride or a walk to a location, but most of the time, cats are more comfortable at home, and that’s perfectly fine! Photographing your cats at home will capture them in their happy place. Everyone will feel relaxed and at ease during the session. We can still take a few shots outside if it works out, but if we stay inside the entire time, we’ll still capture amazing images. 

2. Photographing Senior Dogs – Is your sweet pup in their golden years? Then let’s stay home where they’re comfortable! No need to transport them or worry if they’ll be okay in a busy outdoor location. Your dog might not be a young pup anymore, but they’re still young in spirit! Documenting your senior dog will capture their spirit and essence. If this is a celebration of life session, staying home allows for comfort and privacy for your family. 

3. Photographing Puppies – Do you have a puppy? Since they’re so little and working on training, home might be a better option. You don’t need to worry about them “behaving” or keeping them safe. During their in-home pet photography session, we can let them be themselves. This Dublin, CA at-home puppy photo session captured this family’s joy and excitement over welcoming this new puppy into their lives.  

4. Reactive Dogs – Is your pup reactive? Many clients ask if their dog is “right” for pet photography because they’re worried about how their dog will handle a pet photography session. My answer to that is, why not have the session at home? If we can find a location that works, that would be great! But home works well, too. An at-home pet photography session might be a better option! It depends on your dog.

5. Relaxed and Comfortable for Everyone – An in-home pet photography session might be the better option for the entire family. Your dog’s personality can really shine because they’re at home. It’s their happy place. It’s your family’s happy place too! Everyone will feel comfortable and relaxed at home. 

We’re lucky to have such beautiful weather most of the time. However, if we do have bad weather, your at-home session isn’t affected. 

6. Privacy – Another huge benefit of an in-home pet photography session is privacy. Being at home means there are no prying eyes during the session. Some of my outdoor sessions take place in popular tourist areas, and I usually try to schedule these sessions to avoid the busiest time of day. Sometimes, we just can’t avoid it and work around people as best as possible. It’s all good! Just something to consider.

7. Day in the Life – If you’re looking for a more documentary-style session, an in-home one is perfect for this. Let’s capture photos of your dogs in their elements, such as in their favorite chair, following you around in the kitchen, or just snuggling. We’ll document it all so that we can create an album or artwork that tells the story of your dog. This beautiful in-home dog photography session captured the stories of these sweet girls with their family. After the session, we created an album that showed the story of the day. 

Before Your In-Home Pet Photography Session

I like to stop by and visit your home before the day of the session to prepare for the session and introduce myself to your dog(s). If I cannot visit the home before the session, I’ll ask for a few photos of your home to get a good feel for where I will be photographing. When I show up for an “in-home” session, the first thing I do is take a moment to meet everyone and let the pet(s) get comfortable with me. Then I look around the home to get my thoughts together, and then we ease into taking the photos. 

I want you to feel relaxed and excited about the session and not stressed at all! You don’t need to scrub your house from top to bottom. I just recommend having the main areas as free of “stuff” as possible but don’t worry too much. We can work around pretty much anything. 

In-Home Danville Pet Photography 

Spending time with your pet and your family is a privilege for me. My top priorities are the safety and comfort of your pet and family. If an in-home pet photo session is what’s best, then let’s do it! It’s so fun experiencing a “day in the life” of your pet and documenting your family. Whatever you choose, it’ll be a great day with gorgeous artwork to treasure. 
Shoot me a message here with any questions or to chat about your session!