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23 Favorite Pets and Their People from 2023

Happy New Year! I am excited to share some highlights from my 2023 Custom Handcrafted Sessions in the Bay Area. I decided to follow the theme from last year, my 22 favorites of 2022, and picked my 23 (plus a few extras) favorite photos of 2023

I scrolled through all my amazing pet photo sessions of 2023, trying to choose the cream of the crop. What’s the secret sauce?  Well, after I looked over the photos that I gravitated towards, the main ingredient of most of the photos was the “feeling.” Colors, landscapes, expressions, and lighting all help with the feeling and story of a photo.

From the adventures of the younger fur babies to the wise senior pets wrapping up their earthly journey, all of them have a unique story. And can I mention the senior dogs and cats, again?  I truly believe they understand that these magical moments with their family is the time for them to shine like the stars they are.

I am truly thankful that so many pet parents trusted me to spend time with them planning, photographing and helping pick their favorite images and products to showcase their beautiful moments. It is all so worth it!  The fun, playful, and quiet photos of the pets and family become more and more cherished as time moves on.

 Angie Rose Pet Photography’s Top 23 Photos from 2023

1. Maria and her 18-year-old rescue pup, Oscar, at their home in San Francisco. Maria’s daughter set up the session for her mom to capture them together where they spend the most time. And I loved that Maria wore a bright pink shirt to really make her personality shine in the photos.

2. Two-year-old Alexandra and her pups – Nessie, Taylor and Tux on the Stanford University campus.  This was a special session because I had a maternity session with Alexandra’s mom, dad, and all three pups 2 years ago, and now they have photos of their sweet daughter with the pups!

   2.5. Alexandra, her mom, Stella, and Nessie, a Sheltie.  How cute is this photo with Alexandra and Nessie all smiles and getting ready to take a walk together?

3. Lou, an English bulldog, at the Lafayette Reservoir in Lafayette, Ca.  Lou’s human mom contacted me because they needed a session with Lou and the family ASAP. Lou was sick and the family wanted photos with him while he was still feeling good.  Lou rocked his session, and we got some special photos of him and the family!

4. Tammy and Marshmallow, a 12-year-old American Eskimo Dog, at Piedmont Park in Piedmont, CA. Tammy wanted photos of Marshmallow along with her fiancé, Brendan, to have a nice album to share at their wedding this year. This photo was an adorable one of just Tammy & Marshmallow showing off their “high-five.”

4.5  Tammy, Brendan & Marshmallow. I just had to include one of them together!

5. Jennifer, Jim, and their three pups, Jack, Ed, and George, are at Villa Montalvo in Saratoga. This session at the popular Italian-inspired venue where Jennifer and Jim were married was a special location for them. The session was so relaxed and casual, just like they wanted it.

5.5  Jim & Jack (from the previous photo) sharing a special moment.

6. Shilpa & Bentley, a 4-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog, at on the Stanford University campus. Shilpa knew she wanted to capture herself and Bentley together at this stage of his life.  We met for an early morning session so there would be fewer people around.  The colors of the beautiful architecture and Bentley’s coloring worked so well together.

7. An at-home cat session in San Francisco for three Ragdoll cats, Frank, Reuben & Stew. For this photo, I was sitting on the couch with their mom and dad to each side of me with treats. They were having so much fun, and we got some fun expressions.

8. Stew, from the previous photo, in his backyard.  This is such a peaceful moment (which was few with 3 cats) that I captured. Since he was sitting on a deck between two tables I edited the background darker to make a nice contrast with his light fur.

9. Raia, a 5-month-old Goldendoodle, is on the steps of Doe Library at Memorial Glade on the UC Berkeley campus. I love that there are frames within frames in the background.

10.  Squeakee, a 15-year-old Shih Tzu, looking dapper in his outfit with his mom & dad, enjoying a beautiful late afternoon in their neighborhood in Fremont, CA.

11.  Naoko and her 10-year-old rescued pup, Kibi.  One important priority of their family session was capturing what they usually do at home…lots of cuddling.

12.  Leah and her Red Golden Retriever, Boomer, in Santa Cruz. This was a beautiful winter beach session that really highlighted their bond.  I love the moodiness of the sky and how they felt so comfortable interacting and showing their true bond. Check out my blog about their winter beach session at Harbor Beach in Santa Cruz.

13.  Lady, a Cavalier King Charles, and her moms wanted a fun session to celebrate her first birthday.  We split up the session between their home and Heather Farms Park in Walnut Creek.

14.  Lillian and her rescued Husky/Malamute, Luca, towards the end of their session on the beach in Half Moon Bay. I love the colors and the feel of their amazing bond in this quiet moment.

15.  Lucy, a 10-year-old Border Collie mix, spent a beautiful morning with her mom at Dracena Quarry Park in Piedmont. This photo was one of her mom’s favorites, which she felt captured Lucy’s personality. I love the complementary colors and the splash of fun with a favorite blanket.

16.  Churchill, a 10-year-old French Bulldog, at Chrissy Field Beach in San Francisco on a beautiful summer evening. Something a little different from my typical style, and it really embraced the feel of the session. The bits of blurred sand from his paws that make you feel the movement of Churchill, along with the golden glow and warmth of the background, made this photo worthy of wall art for his mom & dad.  

17.  Alyssa and 1-year-old Border Collie, Dallas, at Chrissy Field in San Francisco.  Dallas is one of the smartest dogs I have photographed. He was a blast to watch with his mom while they showed off all the fun tricks they like to do together.

18.  Scott and his 13-year-old German Shepherd/Husky mix, Zoe at Chrissy Field in San Francisco.  I love these special moments that I can document for my pet parents.

19.  Nico, a 7-month-old Cavapoo puppy, at Baker Beach in San Francisco on an October morning. I love the soft colors and feel of this photo.  Nico was still in training and was on a leash for most of the session.  But it didn’t stop us from taking some special photos for his mom.

20.  Niki, a 6-month-old Siberian Russian cat, at his home in Mountain View in the San Francisco Bay Area. This was a rare moment at the session when Niki took a break, and I captured a quiet moment that highlighted his handsome, clear blue eyes.

21.  This photo was taken at the Subaru Dealership in Livermore at Subaru’s annual nationwide Make a Dog’s Day Adoption Event.  Livermore Subaru partnered with the Valley Humane Society, and this little pup was one of the lucky adoptions that day. I got this adorable photo of this pup’s freedom ride home with his new mom.  So sweet!!

22.  Bondi, a 2-year-old Longhaired Dachshund, with his mom & dad at Point Isabel Dog Park in Richmond. I love the angle of this photo and how Bondi’s coat matches the rocks and water in the background.  And it is hard to ignore how naturally adorable Bondi and his family are!! Check out my blog about Bondi’s puppy session and my pet photography experience

23.  Sparrow, a 14-year-old Grey Tabby cat, and his moms are on the porch of their Berkeley home. I love how this photo doesn’t show any clear faces, and you can still feel the love and bond between this family.

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I feel like the luckiest person alive to be able to spend time with all these amazing pets and their people. 2023 was a great year for Angie Rose Photography, and I look forward to 2024! If you are interested in a pet photography session with me, please feel free to reach out with any questions or schedule a quick phone call with me on my contact page. I’m always happy to answer any of your questions and talk about your pets! 

Have a great year!