22 Favorite Pets and their People Images of 2022

Wow! I had so many amazing pet photo sessions in 2022. The opportunity to meet so many crazy (in a good way) pet parents and their fur-kids and having them trust me to capture the quiet, playful, quirky and soulful moments is an absolute honor.

Below are 22 of my favorite “pets and their people” images from my 2022 custom sessions.  I have so many more favorites but decided to keep it at 22, well, to keep with the theme of 2022!  Each image has a unique story. I am so grateful to have experienced the amazing stories of each and every pup and their family to help document their bond.

Some of my 2022 pups were just starting out their puppy life, and some were nearing the end of their journey here on earth.  I believe all these pups knew their sessions were so meaningful to their family and did their very best to shine!

Meet Angie’s Favorite Pets and Their People Images from 2022

1. Tanner with Aaron & Bridget at The Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco, CA

2. Frankie with Angela at home in Tiburon, CA

3. Chanel with Monique at the Presido in San Francisco, CA

4. Taro with Michelle & Jason at their home in Pleasanton, CA

5. Chewie with Shrini & Raji at Chrissy Field, San Francisco, CA

6. Alicia with Preciosa at their home in Santa Clara, CA

7. Tucker at home with his family in Dublin, CA

8. Boomer with Mark & JJ at the UC Davis Arboretum, Davis, CA

9. Katara with Beth at Chrissy Field Beach in San Francisco, CA

10. Charlie with Brian at Annabel Lake at Bishop Ranch in San Ramon, CA

11. Miya & Kemo with Jared & Christine at Miramar Beach in Half Moon Bay, CA

12. Callie & Poppy with their family on the street of their home in Redwood City, CA

13. Daisy with Lynn on Mt. Diablo in Danville, CA

14. Lola with Sarah at Chrissy Field in San Francisco, CA

15. Frank with his family at Parkside Aquatic Park in San Mateo, CA

16. Hardy with Ella at their home in Alamo, CA

17. Chelsea & Haley with their family at Cuesta Park in Mountain View, CA

18. Copper & Sandy with Bea at Moller Park in Pleasanton, CA

19. Strider with Drew & Sherry in Moraga, CA

20. Pippin with Brittany at Heather Farms Park in Walnut Creek, CA

21. Takeo with Amanda in South Lake Tahoe, NV


Casey with Grover in South Lake Tahoe, NV

Bay Area Pet Photographer 

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