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Let’s Capture Your Everyday Moments!

Photography for Pets

and the People That Love Them

Hi, I’m Angie

My Lifestyle Pet Photography is about capturing portraits of your pets in an artistic, everyday style. I live in Northern California so I can’t help but to infuse a bit of a relaxed, easy going vibe.

Life moves way too fast.  Especially with our pets. Right?

As your Lifestyle Pet Photographer, I will capture those slobbery licks, playful shenanigans and quiet, cozy snuggles of you and your BFF (best furry friend). Your backdrop can be your home or at your favorite Bay Area location. What’s your favorite spot?

My handcrafted photo sessions are easy and relaxed for you.

No worries at all, I have prepared for your session and all of your questions have been answered ahead of time. And the beautiful artwork from your session will be guaranteed to make you smile every day!

“It was so much fun being on the other side of the camera and to just relax and enjoy the experience that you provided us.  I’ll cherish these photos for DECADES!!”
- Andrea Ou

The Process

Contact Angie
Let’s Plan
Capture Your Moments
Choose Your Favorites
Smile & Enjoy

Dog Parents, I Know What You Might Be Thinking…

My pup might be more interested in people, other dogs and distractions at our location and can’t be off leash!

No problem-safety is top priority and 99% of the pups I photograph on-location are on a leash.

I magically sprinkle some Photoshop pixie dust on your photos while editing and “poof”- the leash disappears and your pup looks like a rockstar!

Image straight out of camera

Leash removal and edited image

An example of framed art work

“These pictures taken of me and my horse, Lavinto, showed our relationship, I will have these photos for the rest of my life! Thank you, Angie, for being so sweet and thoughtful throughout the whole process.”
- Ella Filippi